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We, at Paulman Farms, believe that feeding the world is our true calling; our values guide us to seek the truth, guided by scientific fact, logic, and reason to help us continue to innovate to meet that goal. Our farm uses innovative technology to serve our clients and remain good stewards of our land. We take care in understanding our clients’ needs and providing them with advanced record keeping through cloud based accounts for business and field level records.

As responsible stewards of our land we take special care in preparing our soil. We have conservation plans in place, geo-referenced soil testing and in season tissue sampling. Additionally, depending on the desired crop we prefer no-till/strip-till.

Water is our most valuable resource. All fields have been mapped for water holding capacity and have 3 scientific grade weather stations to provide real-time plant evapotranspiration numbers to match the plant with soil and site specific water application prescriptions. Variable rate water applications are applied to all irrigated fields.

Each of our fields, depending on the crop, go through a rigorous evaluation of the availability of nutrients. All fields are in a three-year compost program, utilizing beef and poultry litter that is variable rate applied according to soil test results. Currently cover crops are being evaluated in our system for soil heath improvements. All applied nutrients are "spoon fed" according to the in season growth stage.

As the crops at Paulman Farms grow, all fields are under a certified agronomist and are expected to "ground truth" all applied technologies. Each field is monitored carefully by satellite imagery.

While harvesting, each crop is handled tenderly, as we are very proud to put our “stamp” on every morsel. Harvest is captured in real-time mapping and a very comprehensive inventory software is utilized. We have storage facilities and cloud based individual bin monitors that can optimize natural curing for long term storage and capture better marketing opportunities.

For transportation, we have our own truck fleet and access to many options domestically and internationally, including limited rail access. We safely and efficiently take our client’s products to their destination.

Taking care of our resources and providing safe food to feed the world is our true calling at Paulman Farms. We value our clients, the people and animals we feed, and the land that so generously provides us with the resources to accomplish this goal. Our products are lovingly grown and cared for with the consumer interest in mind, as we continue to fulfill the enormous responsibility of feeding and caring for our world.

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